General information

  • Crocodile Bend Lodge is a non smoking unit. All guests must please respect this rule and ensure they do not smoke anywhere in the Lodge.
  • Please do not leave any food items unattended or within reach of any animals. Feeding of the animals is against the Reserve Rules and could result in a fine.
  • Please do not leave any fires unattended. If you use the Boma Fire area it is essential that you water the fire and cover with the lid at the end of your evening.
  • Please ensure that all windows and doors are closed when no one is in the lodge in order to prevent any animals, especially the monkeys, from accessing the Lodge.
  • No loud music may be played on the premises.
  • Always ensure that rubbish is correctly disposed of in black bin bags in the animal proof bins.
  • Kindly ensure no hot ash or burning items are thrown into the bins or in the bush or left unattended.
  • Please ensure that any linen or cushions are brought into the unit at night.
  • Please place boma chairs on the tiled area at night.
  • No pets are allowed on the premises or at the units.
  • There is to be no collecting of firewood/ kindling from the surrounding areas.
  • Chopping of wood is to be done on chopping block NB! Not on the tiled patio please.
  • Keep the net screens closed otherwise you will be invaded by flying bugs at night, especially if the lights are on.
  • Check the Kruger Park website to see what the Malaria status is like in our area. We recommend the use of Tabard at night.
  • Meals can be enjoyed at the Main Lodge. Booking is essential.
  • Adhering to the above guidelines will ensure that all guests enjoy their stay.

Thank you and have a thoroughly wonderful time.